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Make Heads Turn

Enamel Pin ''Plaster''

Enamel Pin ''Plaster''

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Enamel Pin ''Plaster''

Being kids, when you’d fall and scrape your knee, wasn’t it so much cooler to add two plasters instead of one? Now as we get older, we fall less but get our hearts broken more. So we made this pin to wear on our chests to never forget that this beating heart of ours is strong enough to live on its own. 

Give this gift to every closest broken heart, the ones who need reminding that there still is life with a broken heart. Either a friend, or parent, or younger sibling going through their first break-up - it’s a subtle reminder that life goes on, and even this little heart will heal again!

Good to Know

  • Material: Brass and colourful Enamel
  • Pin's designs: plaster
  • Butterfly clip on the back
  • Size: 3 x 3 cm

About the Brand Make Heads Turn designs are born in their studio based in Vilnius, Lithuania. All products are made in Europe. The smallest things can make people’s heads turn to you. Cute, witty, and funny pins are one of the perfect little accessories for that.

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