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Packing Pouch XS ''Green''

Packing Pouch XS ''Green''

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Packing Pouch XS ''Green''

A zippered pouch made of PVC with a transparent front by German brand Nähe. Comes with slit pockets on the inside and back. 

Perfect all-in-one organizer for make up supplies, toiletries,  craft tools or electronic devices. Popular among busy mums for storing to-go items in one place, like baby wipes, pacifiers or teethers, gauze and baby wipes, ointment tubes and disposable masks. No worry about spills inside the case either, just wipe and carry on.

Good to Know

  • Roomy main compartment with zippered closure
  • Interior and exterior slit pockets for organizing slim items
  • Transparent front panel for a clear view of the contents
  • Easy-to-clean PVC material

About the Brand "Nähe" is named after the German language for "near". Nähe series mainly developed as office supplies, their designs are simple, yet made unique color variations for every day use. This concept come from a comfortable use as a priority by the keyword " tidy and in order". 

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