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Hello Kim

Marker Rings ''Fruity''

Marker Rings ''Fruity''

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Marker Rings ''Fruity'' 

Set of 5 stitch marker rings, essential accessories in knitter's keychain. The Fruity set consists of 5 marker rings that add a fresh and colourful touch to work in progress.

Sizes: whole pineapple with leafy cap - yellow and green (12 x 24 mm) Watermelon Slice with Small Seeds - Green, White and Red (8x17mm) Green and round apple (13 x 15 mm) strawberry - red and green (12x18mm) banana - yellow and white (9x17mm)

Good to Know

  • Knitting
  • Marker Rings
  • Kawaii
  • Can also be used as an accessory
  • Handmade
  • Made in France

About the Brand Hello Kim offers knitting accessories such as stitch marker rings. More than just haberdashery items, Hello Kim's collections have a colorful and “kawaii” universe worn by its creator, a passionate knitter. The markers are made of enamel or resin and are assembled carefully by hand in a workshop in the Paris region. Light and colorful, these marker rings are the essential accessories in the trousseau of beginner knitters as well as experienced knitters.

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